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about the artist

I seek to tell stories of transformation.  

I have traveled extensively chasing different stories around the world. Creating my first feature documentary film, One Step Beyond, has taken me to East Africa many times as I followed the story of Tanzanian youth leaders. I have worked on some really inspiring projects in South Africa, Thailand, Guatemala, and I look forward to new stories I encounter in my travels. I often use my skills to tell stories of non-profit organizations and socially responsible businesses I encounter along the way. 

As a storyteller, my favorite mediums are still images and moving pictures, however, I also write and play music. Growing up in the coastal area of North Carolina, I have always been fascinated by water in all its forms, and thus, you will notice this theme in much of my work. I spent many years in Colorado teaching, exploring, fly fishing, and studying nature through my art. Most recently I have returned to Zanzibar Island, Tanzania, which is a place full of mysteries, culture and natural wonders.

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I am inspired by this amazing life and the wonderful stories that make us human.  Nature tells the most intriguing story of all and I am constantly exploring its wonders.  I also find inspiration in the creative process and those who delve deeply into their work. Some sources of inspiration include Michael WieseRebecca Peebles, Christian Butler, Ben SahebDavid AttenboroughMegan Stockman, Tierro Lee, Bridget LawAumrak Sapper, Kaewyn Picard & Jory Barnes, and most importantly my dear Mamma and my wonderful Dad!


2011- Founded Awen Productions Media 

- Traveled to Tanzania to begin production of One Step Beyond Documentary

2012- First Friday Featured Artist- Chac Gallery

Media Producer Arise Music Festival

2013- Solo Exhibition Chac Gallery

2014- One Step Beyond Official Selection in Zanzibar International Film Fest, Nominated for Ousmane Sembane award

2015- Began teaching Photography/Film at Steamboat Mountain School in Colorado.

2016- Solo Exhibition- Ski Locker Gallery

2017- Solo Exhibition- Steamboat Mountain School Gallery

2018- Group Exhibition- Young Bloods Art Collective

2019- Premiere of FLOW- Skilocker Gallery

2021- Nabaki Afrika Documentary

2022- Netflix Predators Series


My photography technique consists of composing the best shots possible in camera, and thus, resulting in very minimal editing.  I am obsessed with composition and I strive to portray a visual story that is intriguing to the eye.  Recently I have found deep joy and insight exploring the macro world of nature.  You can see some of my macro work featured in the FLOW photo series of waves and water droplets from the Yampa River.  

My filmmaking technique largely influenced from my work as a photographer.  Recently I have been experimenting with slow motion footage and its ability to entrance the viewer and evoke emotion. Filmmaking mentors such as Michael Rabiger and Michael Wiese have taught me that the journey is much more important than the destination, and that when the process is honored, then great films are a result.

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